New designs: the shirts you've been missing

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Our new collection still has so much more to offer to you. It’s time to complete your Eversbrook outfit and purchase yourself our new men’s fitted Apsley shirts. Perfect to go with your designer blazer and chinos.

Our new collection offers sleek, block coloured shirts. Unlike our others, that have different coloured side panels and linings.

The colours we have to offer are lilac, sky blue, sea blue, light blue and white. As well as our mixed colour shirt: sky blue with sea blue panels for a simple yet contoured body look. The new colours make it a lot easier to re-wear your UK made shirt throughout the week as well as being able to pair it with a bigger collection of clothes.

Block Colours

A white shirt is a staple item in every men’s wardrobe. Be sure to purchase your own, quality made white shirt on Eversbrook today. Change things up a little, as well, by getting yourself a beautiful, elegant lilac shirt. Our men’s metropolitan grey and steel grey blazers match perfectly with Eversbrook’s lilac shirt – guaranteed to make you look like the most stylish person in the room.

Mixed Colour

Our mixed colour shirt uses the different shades of blue to frame and contour your body in the most sophisticated and sleek way. The blue shades make it another staple shirt meaning you would never struggle to match it with anything. The colours enable you to easily recycle it during your busy week in work as well as wearing it to any social events you may be attending.

Our luxury, top-rated shirts are not one to pass. Everything is crafted here in the UK, with every thought going out to you during the process. They are all you need to feel like the sharp, accomplished man you are.

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