What shirt do I wear under my suit?

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When it comes to your suit, it’s important to get your shirt right.


Black trousers - Going for black trousers makes picking a colour a lot easier. You can experiment a lot more as every colour will pair well – maybe even go all out with a pattern.

Grey trousers - When it comes to grey trousers, a white shirt is always a classic. Avoid wearing a black one with grey and black trousers, however, as you may look like a member of staff (we’ve all been there – the classic “do you work here?”).

Light coloured trousers – Avoid wearing a light coloured shirt as to not clash. A dark coloured or again, patterned shirt will compliment your choice of trousers. If you have gone for the classic beige, then a dark blue shirt will always work well with this.

Blue trousers – A light blue shirt with dark blue suit pants is a go to look. You could even try the Apsley shirt with both colours in. This way, you will look co-ordinated but not like a block colour. It also compliment the shape of your body, contouring your finest parts.


There is nothing worse than a baggy top falling out of your trousers all day. To keep your smart, neat appearance up to scratch, make sure to get yourself a fitted shirt, like our Eversbrook designer fitted shirts. They naturally stay tight to your body, tucking in easily to your suit pants meaning you have a worry free day, knowing you look your very best.

Sleeve Length

Although, the long sleeve is the most classic and most popular look, there is still the short sleeved option. Of course, going for a long sleeved shirt gives you a more elegant, classy look enabling you to look sharp, confident and formal. But if you’re attending a more casual event or a summer wedding, for example, the short sleeve works just as well. If you’re confident with your arms, a tight fit will compliment you entirely.

And always remember the undervest – no see through shirts and no sweating through! With these key moves in mind, you’re set to look suave. Now get out and test it.


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