What to Wear Under a Blazer?

By: Ian Franklin On: Comment: 0 Hit: 434

The answer? Anything. And that’s what makes a blazer so amazing. They are versatile as well as in line with modern day fashion.


Pop one over a t-shirt for a casual, weekend look, it acts as a great jacket as well as being the perfect accessory to add a sense of fashion to your outfit. And with the cold weather that winter is bringing, add more layers underneath – a jumper, a hoody. You can walk out of your house feeling warm and looking smart with confidence.

Fitted Shirt

In men’s fashion, the fitted shirt and blazer are like best friends. They look good together and are the obvious choice. It can be worn to work, an occasion or even as a casual look if you’re feeling extra suave. Add an accessory as well, for instance a tie or a bow tie for a more edgy look. It’s a great way to show off your sophistication and stylish nature and shows people you mean business.

The truth is, a blazer will simply look good over anything. It's that kind of garment that you can grab out of your wardrobe, stick over anything and have the confidence to know you look good. Even if you're running out to the gym and need to stick something over the top, why not go with a blazer? It's a must have in every man's wardrobe and you'll be lost without one.


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